Thursday, September 08, 2011

Information Overload 9-8-11

I really need to be working on my 9/11 piece (isn’t that required of everyone?) but instead I’ve been reading and listening to the news this morning. I doubt if you have time for it all, so just pick one.

First up, Bob Herbert steps up to the plate and says what no one else will say but everybody should. Knock it off with the tax cuts. We owe a lot of money. The only way to pay it back it to pay our taxes. But before you can hear it, you have to listen to Rachel telling us how we got here...with tax cuts. Trust me, you want to know who the chief tax cutter is working for now.

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Up next, if you hate Michael Moore -- if you like Michael Moore -- you’ll want to read this article from The Guardian. There’s nothing people hate worse than hearing a truth they don’t want to hear. (see above)

Michael Moore: I was the most hated man in America

”When we got back to our home in northern Michigan, the local beautification committee had dumped three truckloads of horse manure waist-high in our driveway so that we wouldn't be able to enter our property – a property which, by the way, was freshly decorated with a dozen or so signs nailed to our trees: GET OUT! MOVE TO CUBA! COMMIE SCUM! TRAITOR! LEAVE NOW OR ELSE!”

Just in case you missed one of Michael’s movies...

And while you’re at The Guardian...Don’t look now but the United Kingdom’s Conservative government is about to privatize their National Health Service (NHS).

The end of the NHS as we know it

”The prime minister promised before the 2010 election not to introduce any "top-down reorganisations" of the NHS; to say he, Andrew Lansley and Nick Clegg lack an electoral mandate for the bill is an understatement. It is also an understatement to say that they have not told the truth about the bill's intentions, and that they have reduced Department of Health statements, such as its latest so-called MythBuster document, to a level of brazen mendacity that demeans a once great office of state.”

It’s a funny thing, no more than I keep up with U.K. politics, I remember David Cameron vigorously defending the NHS when we were having our debate on national health care. Ah yes, here you go. That’s from “B-Sky-B”, the service Rupert Murdoch was trying to take over completely (he already owns much of it) when the phone hacking scandal soured the deal.

You might want to pay attention to this case. Because, when the Republican Party says they aren’t going to do away with Medicare and Social Security, (remember Paul Ryan’s budget?) they’re lying to you.

Don Brown
September 8, 2011

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GregN said...

You're Moore line reminds me of a quote I read long ago by someone I don't remember:

If you make people think they are thinking, they will love you. If you really make them think, they will hate you.

Love the site, thanks.