Friday, April 29, 2011

FAR 65.47 

Just in case someone might need to know where this regulation is in the next few months....

Federal Air Regulation  65.47   Maximum hours.

”Except in an emergency, a certificated air traffic control tower operator must be relieved of all duties for at least 24 consecutive hours at least once during each 7 consecutive days. Such an operator may not serve or be required to serve—

(a) For more than 10 consecutive hours; or

(b) For more than 10 hours during a period of 24 consecutive hours, unless he has had a rest period of at least 8 hours at or before the end of the 10 hours of duty.”

For those that have the talent of rearranging shifts (I never did), think about what happens to the FAA’s overtime possibilities when you start spreading those shifts out.

I’ve always been curious as to the distinction between “certificated air traffic control tower operator” and Center controllers. I don’t think I ever took the time to look it all up. (More likely I tried and failed.) I have to admit, whenever I hear the refrain that controllers aren’t allowed any reading material on the sectors but FAA manuals, I get a little, sly grin. I always took that to heart. I read a lot of FAA manuals on the midnight shifts. It’s one of the reasons I knew the rules better than my supervisors.

It was just an odd talent I had -- being able to read government documents and stay awake. Trust me, it didn’t make anybody -- controllers or managers -- happy. Nobody in the FAA really wants controllers to follow the rules. Many are quick to tell you that following the rules is considered a job action. (....wait for it...)

I hope when you read that in black and white that it strikes you how stupid it looks (and sounds.)

The only exception to the “rule” is the safety people. For some odd reason, people that are really interested in safety really want controllers to follow the rules. You new guys might want to try it. Be forewarned, it’s harder than it looks. It takes practice. But I bet it still makes the supervisors nuts.

Don Brown
April 29, 2011

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bearsense said...

Understand that the FARs spell this out. But they also spell out the work/rest rules for flight crews.
Dumb question #7, why aren't the rules the same for both ???
Seems like a fairly simple (yeah, I know) solution to put the public mind at rest and help the profession as a whole.