Bustin’ Chops

I’m close enough to New York that I can bust the chops of my old friends at AVweb.

FAA Chief Boosts NextGen Budget, Expects Labor Peace Soon

No, one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other (at least it better not) but this is the part that really got me.

"Babbitt also said that negotiations with the air traffic controllers union, which were stalled and contentious for several years, now are making progress."

(Emphasis added)

Saying the negotiations were “stalled” makes it seem as if there were actually negotiations occurring. The FAA (via the Bush Administration) imposed its work rules. That is when negotiations stopped. The FAA has made a couple of offers since but the offer of your choice of poison isn’t really a negotiation.

The Obama Administration has forced the FAA back to the table (sort of.) I’m not sure I want to call those negotiations but it’s better than before. We’ll see what happens.

After a short dash through Gotham, I’ll be settled in on Long Island for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll have more time to write them.

Don Brown
June 19, 2009


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