Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday In the Press

Something is up. I’ve learned that the Press starts running stories because they have a nose for news. It’s only logical. They have these things called “sources” and when things start buzzing, they have a pretty good idea that something is about to happen. My guess would be that President-elect Obama is about to name a Secretary of Transportation. It could be something else though. They’re the Press. I’m just an ex-controller turned blogger.

Regardless, it’s time to head for the newspapers.

First, The Washington Post has this story:

FAA Labor Unions Seek  Obama's Help

”In a fact sheet on transportation issues, the Obama campaign criticized the FAA's treatment of the air traffic controllers, citing the agency for "neglecting to treat them with the respect they deserve." The statement also said an Obama administration would direct the new FAA administrator to work cooperatively with controllers' to "restore morale and improve working conditions" a the agency. It doesn't specify an Obama stance on collective bargaining or contract issues. “

Next up is USA Today with this story:

Alternatives to auctioning off New York flight slots

”Earlier this year, the FAA imposed caps or limits on the number of flights that can takeoff or land in any given hour at New York JFK and Newark Liberty. This is not the first time New York airports have endured flight caps. While caps may help reduce delays, limiting the number of flights stifles competition and results in higher airfares and fewer choices for travelers. In addition, over the long term, capping flights will adversely impact businesses, tourism and eventually the entire local economy. “

I’m sure my readers can imagine my comments on that bit of the story. Of course, you don’t have to. You can just read the one I left. I have more comments to make but -- unfortunately -- I don’t have the time. I apologize, but my wife is renovating the house and the leaves are trying to bury my yard. I’ll post more as I find the time.

Don Brown
November 17, 2008

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