It’s not an exclamation -- it’s a web-based magazine in Australia. And according to Wikipedia, ”It often reports unpopular opinions and breaks stories not found in more mainstream media outlets. “

I guess this headline would be considered “unpopular.”

ATC emerges as a threat to air safety

AirServices Australia is now emerging as a serious threat not just to public safety, but to Australia’s international reputation.

Yep, I’m betting that is pretty unpopular in some circles. It’s amazing how fast your reputation can go international on the internet.

” The chief executive officer of AirServices Australia, Gregg Russell, is blaming everything from "renegade" controllers to head-hunting by overseas countries and union demands for his inability to keep the radar consoles manned.“

And it’s amazing how much we all have in common. Even the excuses.

My friend Bob seems to have enjoyed Australia. The air service ? Not so much. It’s okay. He’s an ex-air traffic controller. He has the flick.

Don Brown
July 31, 2008


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