Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hoarse Race

Congratulations are in order for FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. She hit the trifecta this week, making the nightly news on all three networks.




Her critics are going to go hoarse trying to detail the FAA’s long list of ailments. The press is really starting to warm up to the subject and there are more rocks to peek under than on a New England beach.

Just remember, the U.S. Government works best in a crisis. One man’s red tape is another man’s oversight. The government normally operates in slow motion. But in a crisis, it can cut the red tape and move with terrifying speed and power. I can’t say Ms. Blakey is trying to create a crisis...but it’d be hard to imagine anyone doing a better job of it. Even if they tried.

Don Brown
June 12, 2007

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