Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Everyday Heroes

Once a year, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association takes the time to honor some of its own. These controllers don’t ask for fame. It is thrust upon them. They just answer the call --just like they always do -- everyday.

These people may not be your kind of heroes. But they’re mine. Been there, done that and I know what it takes. You never know how an emergency will work out. If it’s good, you’re a hero. If it’s bad, you’re a goat. These folks (and many more like them) step up to the plate anyway, every single day.

So here’s to Jonathan, Chris, Bernie, David, Yasemin, Stephen, Ivy, J.D., Borden and Michael. Take a bow folks. You deserve it.

Third Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Award Winners 

Don Brown
January 31, 2007

P.S. They have audio too.

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